Brexit and Post-Brexit anxiety

You might ask why start a new business venture in a time of uncertainty and the current post Brexit time most certainly has become a time of uncertainty and anxiety within British culture. We are currently sitting here not knowing what our government will do and for that matter what the EU itself will negotiate will be able to negotiate. This is definitely leading to a state anxiety for both companies and people. I myself am from elsewhere, having lived in the UK since 1991 I feel like a Londoner. It probably helps that I have a British passport and my ancestors came from the East End, but I still grew up on the other side of the planet. Which made me an economic migrant, so have great sympathy for people who are feeling insecure about this current political climate surrounding the result of the Brexit vote. Now back to the original point my article, why start a new business venture that is me working as photographer within the financial services sector with so much uncertainty in the air. My answer is quite simple, we are always going to need quality photographs and as companies and people for that matter feel threatened images become more important. They have a way of showing what is actually happening, showing what is and sometimes what is not. I feel that it is a good time to go into the business financial services as a photographer because companies working in this area are going to need more images. To reassure, to build brands, to create links from themselves to their clients. This is why for me, I think it’s an exciting time to begin something new and fresh.

Photography has the power to show what is happening, to reassure people and to show what things look like. With my experience having worked across a number of genres previously i.e. advertising, architecture (both interior and exterior), documentary, events, fashion editorial, portraiture, and even street photography all of these combined have given me a unique perspective on how images are made and used. Each area has added something to my repertoire of skills and enabled me to grow as a photographer. This is the experience, that I intend to bring to working within financial services, with my photography.

As a photographer, being able to combine all these skills will enable me to bring something new to what has been done within the corporate photography of financial services companies. This is primarily why, I am beginning this new photography venture at this point in time. Brexit, will only intensify the need for great communications, with clients, to reassure them that financial services companies, will find a way to service their needs. That is why, I’m establishing this time.

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